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“The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist”, 1903.
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Illustrations by Daniel Horne for Sherlock Holmes Solo Mysteries: Death at Appledore Towers, 1987.

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This show is so important.

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"Sherlock Holmes - Fireside at Baker St.

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Illustrations by Tom Adams for “How a Hermit Was Disturbed in His Retirement”, The Great Detectives, Julian Symons, London: Orbis, 1981.

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Sherlock Holmes’ “retirement cottage”, East Dean, Sussex, England

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He might have failed to kill you, but he could give you weird hobbies.

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Illustrations done for The Undershaw Preservation Trust. (Depicting Doyle and Holmes in the study at Undershaw - in the glory days and now, sadly, in the modern day.)

These will be available in a postcard size, as a set or as single entities, this coming spring. All proceeds will go to the Save Undershaw campaign.

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SHERLOCK!!! It definitely called for a B + W moody thangggg. 

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