A Study in Scarlet, 1887.

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Holmes & Watson, Lee Eric Shackleford, 1989.

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Tom Kidd - Sherlock Holmes Through Time and Space, 1984.

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I like you as I’ve never liked anyone.

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The invitation ticket that was issued in 1953 when London Transport inaugurated their ‘Sherlock Holmes’ underground train with a special ceremony.

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Michael Palin, as Sherlock Holmes, Saturday Night Live, 8 April, 1978

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Visit to Granada Studios, 18 December 1987

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Only the greatest box of matches to ever exist is all.


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LEGO Undershaw!  -  The creator of the LEGO Sherlock Holmes books, James Macaluso, has kindly designed a LEGO version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s house - Undershaw. We’ll be talking about our plans for it at the 155th Birthday Celebrations this Thursday 22nd May - there are just eight tickets left as of this morning, but there are plenty of raffle tickets - a host of prizes in the raffle include a LEGO 221b Baker Street custom kit (also by James).


You can keep up with the latest news on the restoration of Undershaw on the Undershaw Preservation Trust Facebook Page. Please visit and like it as there will be lots of exciting developments for Sherlock fans in the coming months. As our patron Mark Gatiss says “Undershaw Lives!”

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A Holmes seldom seen 

From the University of Minnesota Libraries Sherlock Holmes Collections / John Bennett Shaw Collection. Illustration by A.I. Keller for the Sunday magazine of the Pittsburgh Sunday Post, 1914.

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"Sherlock Holmes" - (commission for Neil Davidson)

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